I consider myself wildly fortunate to spend most of my days talking about wine as the Staff Writer at Full Pull Wines.

When not gabbing about vino, I work for a number of online publications and brands. Here are some projects I'm especially proud of:

I write with ChefSteps:

I have been creating online content for ChefSteps since 2015. Over the years, I've been able to do work within multiple departments. Currently, I am responsible for all of the recipe content on ChefSteps.com and the e-mail program. Below are some of my favorite pieces.

I've worked with City Year:

During my time as the Social Media Manager at City Year HQ, I had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with graphic designers on City Year's largest marketing campaign. I was responsible for interviewing corps members and translating their stories into absorbable, individualized tweets. I project managed nine photoshoots across the country with our chosen corps members, interviewed the cohort, co-wrote copy for the final designs and worked with the creative team to merge the right images with our words. #MakeBetterHappen was shared digitally and through print — even on an electronic billboard in Times Square. It became the organization's largest marketing, recruitment, and fundraising tool. 

I helped build a graphic social program for City Year, turning the organization's central messaging into sharable images.

I write about good restaurants and great food:

The Secret Hidden Gems of Pike Place Market

It's a myth that Pike Place Market is nothing more than a tourist trap -- Seattleites travel there weekly for delicious food, the freshest produce in the city, and hard to find specials (like foraged truffles). It's also huge and unable to be fully explored in just one day.

Essential Seattle Coffee Shops

It's no secret that Seattle is a football city with a coffee problem. Coffee shops line the well-planned, wide streets, from Seattle's native juggernaut Starbucks to the most quaint, precious pour-over stands this side of the Cascades. Coffee-land is Seattle's senior superlative, its mantra, its reputation.

Drift Away at Seattle's Top Teahouses

Although Seattle, and, indeed, America, appear to run on coffee, many other cultures in the world typically choose tea - did you know it's actually the second-most consumed beverage in the world after water?

Get to Know Georgetown's Hip, Understated Food Scene

Georgetown is a prime example of industrial chic, with hip restaurants, artsy shops, and creative residents filling in the spaces left by manufacturing companies. This is one of Seattle's oldest neighborhoods and, with its proximity to King County International Airport, a loud, living testament to the area's Jet City moniker.

These Urban Wineries Bring Washington's Vineyards to Seattle

Seattle oenophiles rejoice: You no longer have to travel to the distant vineyards of Walla Walla or even the tasting room-rich town of Woodinville to taste the killer offerings of Eastern Washington's bountiful grape harvest.

Settle Into a Solid Seattle Dive Bar

Is there anything better than a good dive? Some bar owners bristle at the label, as it can conjure anything from unkempt bathrooms and peanut shell-covered floors in dimly lit basements to drinks cheap and strong enough to put you to bed - however you define them, though, dives are the backbone of public consumption, welcoming, at their best, any and all comers for a pick-me-up.

Seattle's Top French Fries Don't Even Need a Burger

What's a perfect french fry? It's probably got a golden crust with a pillowy, starchy center. It's hot as hell (read: as fresh as can be), and tasty enough to make every bite worth the risk of burnt gums. It's zesty, but not overpoweringly salty.

Stop What You're Doing and Go Eat These Seattle Burgers

Washington's big on burgers - in fact, Eater's deep-dive into data revealed that the humble hamburger is this state's most popular delivery food. It takes all kinds, though, and not every burger is created equal. Whether it's beef, fowl, or fungus, thick and juicy and medium-rare or thin, griddled, and old-school, it's got to taste good.

Navigating the Food of Pioneer Square, Seattle's Original Neighborhood

Once known for sordid affairs and "da clubs," Pioneer Square, the original neighborhood when Seattle was founded in the 1850s, has become the city's "It" location for restaurants over the past few years.