Dylan writes some of the most delightfully weird and refreshing copy I've ever read—and I've read a lot of copy.

— Karen Taylor Quinn, Content & Editorial Director at ChefSteps.

“Dylan is incredibly creative, smart and versatile.”

She is successful by putting her passion, hard-work and sparkling personality to any task at hand. Dylan is as much of a joy to work with as she is easy on the eyes. She is always quick with a joke or a piece of spot-on advice.

— Sarah McCulley, a human woman and VFX Coordinator at Zoic Studios.

Dylan is a natural storyteller.

She'll help your cause or brand find the narrative and craft compelling, shareable content that weaves in your story. I've worked with Dylan in multiple capacities over the course of several years and I'm impressed at her ability to bring a fresh, fun voice to every project

— Ian C. Grady, dreamboat and communications savant.

“Just the best.”

Dylan is one of the most passionate, creative and dedicated  people I have ever known. She has been a constant source of positive energy in my life while also serving as an excellent sounding board for all my craziest ideas.

— Britt Dresser, Director at Artist Endeavor. 

[Dylan] is an artist and an intellectual.

— Ben, Dylan's live-in boyfriend, on their fourth date.

None of these people were paid, but many were cooked dinner at one point or another.